To burn during the Bushfire Danger Period you must first obtain a permit from the NSW Rural Fire Service. Permits are issued by the service to landholders who demonstrate they have sufficient equipment, persons and capacity to burn the nominated area. Burns are governed by weather and Fire Danger limits and will be automatically suspended if the danger goes to (or above) VERY HIGH.

Before the planned burn day

  1. Know your planned burn area and the time frame you have.
  2. Have fire fighting equipment and persons on hand to control the planned fire.
  3. Contact Queanbeyan Fire control (at least a week in advance is recommended).
  4. Notify your neighbours and keep them informed if times change.
  5. A permit issuing officer will organise to attend and inspect the planned burn site. If deemed suitable a permit with conditions will be issued
  6. Check the predicted Fire Danger the day before ( If predicted to be VERY HIGH then postpone.

Day of your burn

  1. Check the Fire Danger and Weather Conditions to ensure they are within your permit conditions. If you're unsure of the conditions then postpone to a better day.
  2. Ensure your nominated persons assisting and equipment are present.
  3. Conduct your burn safely, ensuring burnt areas are fully extinguished.

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