Following another LPG Cabinet heater incident in Sydney this week we are helping to raise awareness of the dangers of these devices. They are effectively a gas heater that runs from a BBQ style cylinder.

LPG cylinders are not designed to be used indoors, the latest incident was caused by a hose, split from being in a confined space, leaking into that space and igniting when the heater was activated.

Though the devices were banned from sale in 2010 due to the safety concerns, they are still occasionally offered for sale through second hand and non-reputable dealers, as well as internationally through sites like eBay.

If you have one of these devices or you notice one in the home of a friend or relative, especially the elderly, you should ensure they are aware of the dangers, cease using the heater and notify the Department of Fair Trading.

The full story from Fire and Rescue NSW and 7 News is below and the original research paper from 2010 that led to the ban is available here.