One large portion of our responsibilities are "Village" style incidents. These are jobs that include vehicles, structures and even gas (amongst other things). We have dedicated training to this discipline to ensure our members are ready for the high intensity nature of these calls and have the very specific skills required to handle them.

Today our Zone combined the Village Firefighter and Crew Leader Village to give both sets of trainees some practical experience in these skills. We are fortunate to be able to make use of the ACT Emergency Service Authority's (very shiny) training facility at Hume.

On show today are three main skill areas;

  1. Safe door entry for potential structure fire situations;
  2. Ladders and elevated hose work; and 
  3. Vehicle and Gas fires! 

The facility has a great Gas "Prop" system that allows instructors to literally dial the fire up and down based on the actions of the trainees. As this was a training day we see here a combination of crews attempting the technique on their own and being led through by the instructors with an experienced safety crew on hand ready to step in!

Wondering how warm it is? Check out the heat haze, through water, in the last photo.