Started a number of years ago, we hold this event as an opportunity to unwind and catch up with our Brigade colleagues outside of the station, truck or fire-ground. It is also a great opportunity for family members to meet one another, we often spend extended trips away and much of summer is spent together. This dinner is a great opportunity for partners, wives and husbands to put names with faces and for us to meet the families of those we spend so much time with. 

Captain & President Awards

The 2013 Captain & Presidents Award wen't jointly awarded to Rob Sailor and Dave Temby. 

Rob and Dave are the quiet achievers in the brigade who have committed countless hours behind the scene working on the vehicles and shed to keep everything running smoothly. Between coordinating truck maintenance runs, changing tricky vehicle light globes and replacing station doors they are always front and centre when the call for help with a task goes out. 

New Life Members

Congratulations to Heather Hubbard and Stewart Wilson on their attainment of a Bungendore Brigade Life Membership. 

Heather has been a long time member of the Brigade, during her time she has been both an active fire fighter and the spearhead of our community engagement team.

The Brigade station officer is not a glamorous role, nor is it often visible to the public though it is one of the most important. Stewart is instrumental in ensuring the brigades ability to respond to incidents is coordinated and planned for. He keeps track of members availability and coordinates resources. He also ensures there is always a team to meet trucks as they come home, no matter the hour, that help restore the trucks to a ready state whilst the tired crew can enjoy a hot drink.

Farewell and Thanks

We were delighted to welcome special guests Peter and Sonya Weatherstone. In his role as the Lake George Learning and Development Officer, Peter has helped the brigade increase its standard of skill, training and, in turn, service delivery. Peter has been instrumental in the introduction of Breathing Apparatus to the Zone, this capability has significantly increased the Bungendore and surrounding brigades ability to safely search, rescue and extinguish fires where the atmosphere is toxic. We wish Peter the best of luck in his new role and thank him for the time and effort he has put into the brigades in our area. 

Thanks again to the Cafe Woodworks in Bungendore for hosting us and again putting on a sensational meal.