The 2014/15 Bushfire Danger Period has now finished for the Palerang and Queanbeyan LGA's. From 1 May you no longer require a permit to burn but other rules still apply. For all the guidelines download the RFS Guide "Before You Light That Fire" here.


If your clearing and burning is for hazard reduction purposes you can apply for an environmental approval (Hazard Reduction Certificate) through the NSW RFS.
If your burning is not for hazard reduction purposes (garden maintenance etc), you need to contact your local Catchment Management Authority and Council to see if you require an environmental approval for vegetation clearing or burning in the open (air pollution).

Do you need a FIRE PERMIT?
Sometimes! You will need a Fire Permit if:
• you are burning during the Bush Fire Danger Period (usually October to March)
• your burn is likely to endanger a building, or
• your fire is in a Fire & Rescue NSW area.
You can obtain a Fire Permit from your local NSW RFS Fire Control Centre or Fire & Rescue NSW Station.

Do you need to NOTIFY anyone before burning?
Yes! It is a legislative requirement to provide a minimum of 24 hours notice (unless specified otherwise in your Fire Permit) to:
• your local fire authority (Rural Fire Service or Fire & Rescue NSW), and
• all adjoining landowners (or occupiers).

Can you light your fire on a TOTAL FIRE BAN DAY?
No! Burning is not permitted on Total Fire Ban Days.

Check to see if it is a Total Fire Ban by calling the Bush Fire Information Line 1800 679 737 or go to